We Can Do That

I've been singing the Beatles' "You Can't Do That" for some time, ever since my husband, Robert Rosen, and I heard an Italian band called the Plastic Lennon Band perform it in a club in the hip Roman district called Trastevere. I've sung it with HooP at the sadly now-defunct Ella Lounge in the East Village, accompanying myself at a rooftop party in Mallorca, and, most notably, with White Collar Crime at the publication party for Bob's John Lennon bio Nowhere Man. I also included a rehearsal version, with my friend Royce Flippin on guitar and backing vocals, as a track on my CD, Blue Lights.

And now comes a new version, with the fantastic musicians I've been working with lately: pianist/violinist Joan Chew and pianist/guitarist Graig Janssen. During a recent rehearsal, when we were about to try it out, Joan mentioned that she's been noticing violinists playing their instrument in unusual ways; this inspired her to do the strumming you see in the video (taken by Bob on my iPhone), with Graig providing some of those original guitar riffs. Since it was new to us, I apparently didn't feel comfortable trying that pink shaker in my hand, and we hadn't figured out backing vocals yet. We'll get that together before long, as I'm...

Looking forward to doing this live once again!



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