Unsilent Night

Singing with Graig Janssen, on guitar, top, and Joan Chew, on violin, above, at Caffe Vivaldi, NYC. Photos by Laura Bell.

What a great night at the storied Village coffeehouse Caffe Vivaldi, just a couple of nights before Christmas Eve. I did a set there with violinist/pianist Joan Chew and guitarist/pianist Graig Janssen, who both played on my new EP, “Tiny Stars.” We did the three songs from that recording, as well as selections from my EP “Crucified” and CD “Blue Lights” (the two Christmas songs). We also performed a couple of newish songs, including “Angel Tattooed Ballerina,” which I’m in the process of recording.

The cozy room was packed and the vibe was lovely. Many thanks to all those who came—during a busy week (not one but two people came on their birthday)—and made the evening so special!

Unfortunately we had a problem with our equipment and didn’t get a video of the whole show, but my friend Allyson Smith took a quick one, so here is the end of “Tiny Stars.”


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