Tiny Desk and "Tiny Stars"

NPR is having its second annual Tiny Desk Contest, a spin-off from its Tiny Desk Concerts. Video entries had to be in by February 2, and I decided last weekend (three days before) to participate. Luckily, Joan Chew, the violinist on my song "Tiny Stars," was available. Sadly, Graig Janssen, the pianist on the track, wasn't, but Joan also plays keys, so we went with that (here's a situation where someone needs a clone--I did miss the violin!). My husband, Robert Rosen, was also available--as videographer and for general moral support. You can watch the video on YouTube. NPR is also posting entrants (mine's not up yet) and having theme-oriented voting events.

And here is Joan relaxing with my cat Oiseau (aka Wazzie) after we finished:

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