"Alithia's Flowers" on OWWR

The other day I got a Facebook notification about a post by Michael J. Mand, aka Michael the Molar Maven, an NYC dentist who moonlights as a radio host for the Old Westbury, Long Island, station OWWR. He had included my song "Alithia's Flowers (Children of Uvalde)" on the August 26 episode of his show St. James Infirmary, which airs on Friday afternoons. When my husband and I listened to the podcast (click on image for link), Bob said it reminded him of Don McGee's eclectic show, Mixed Bag, on WFUV here in NYC—that's a big compliment, as Bob loves Mixed Bag!



Michael chose some great selections, including a live version of "I Misunderstood," by Richard Thompson (whose words sound as if he's trying to contain them lest they explode), the unbelievably energetic Bob Seger classic "Katmandu," and the Dollyrots' "I Know How to Party" (I believe you). My song is situated in very good company, about a third of the way through the playlist:

Aside from his taste in music, I appreciate Michael's sensitivity in regard to the subject of the Uvalde school shooting. In speaking about my song, he explained that I was inspired by one of the victims. Then he said, "I hope I don't have to ever say that again. I'm afraid I will, but I hope I don't." 

A big thank-you to Michael and to OWWR, and I hope you all like the podcast as much as I do.


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