Angel Tattooed Ballerina

Mary Lyn Maiscott

The guitar-driven "Angel Tattooed Ballerina" tells the gritty, moving story of a transgender teenage runaway, with vocal and instrumental performances to match.

“Angel Tattooed Ballerina” was inspired by a story in The New Yorker, “Netherland,” by Rachel Aviv, as well as the photograph by Aunia Kahn that appears as the album art, which was designed by C.G. Reeves. The track was recorded at Mercy Sound Studios in NYC by Nick Miller, who arranged the music and played all the instruments. Marty Linz provided stratospheric background vocals in the "angel" interlude.

Mary Lyn Maiscott is a singer-songwriter based in NYC, where she’s played such clubs as Folk City, the Bitter End, CBGB, Sidewalk Cafe, and the National Underground. Her recordings include the CD "Blue Lights" and the EPs "Crucified" and "Tiny Stars," both of which were Vanity Fair Twitter picks, as was the “hauntingly beautiful” single “Alexander/Isabella.” Her vocal style has been compared to some of the prominent singers she's interviewed in her sideline as a music journalist, such as Linda Ronstadt, Sheryl Crow (a fellow Missourian), and Debbie Harry. Ohio radio-talk-show host Louie Free has called her song “Blue Lights,” which she wrote about the wartime romance of her parents, “a Christmas classic,” and Mexico City’s Guillermo Henry, who devoted an entire episode of his show “Radio Etiopía” to the CD "Blue Lights," has said that “Mary Lyn has the voice of the very angels.” Her nonfiction and fiction have appeared in Cosmopolitan, The Village Voice, and The Portland Review, among other publications. She's married to Robert Rosen, author of Nowhere Man: The Final Days of John Lennon and other books.

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